When Can I Retire?

When will YOU be able to retire? This is often the first question many of our LAGERS members have for us. Determining when the best time to retire may be for you is a big decision. There are different answers for different types of LAGERS members:

  • Are you a public safety professional, a police officer of fire fighter? Public safety employees have a different retirement age than general employees.
  • Do you know if your employer has the Rule of 80 option? If so, you may be able to take an earlier retirement with no reduction to your benefit.
  • Did you know we offer an early retirement option as well? You have the option to retire up to 5 years earlier than your regular retirement age.

You have some options for your retirement age with LAGERS. Timing can mean everything. This video breaks it down for you.


Still have questions? Our benefits specialists are standing by to assist you. Contact us, we would love to help.





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