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We recently sent out a call asking you to share with us what you have been doing lately. As a retiree, the last few months have affected you, and others like you, in a very unique way. Take a look and see what a few of your fellow retirees have been doing!

Focusing on Wellness - Keith TraderCover pic for 2020 summer newsletter

Hiking and wandering in the wild is one of my favorite hobbies. My wife and I have volunteered to work for the Montana Forest Service in our area. The Lolo National Forest is in our backyard. Watching wildlife from our porch is an everyday occurrence. I also like woodworking and built deck chairs for our porch.Keith and wife

To me staying active and healthy is making the time for activities that support overall wellness. Lean meat and lots of vegetables make up my diet. Hiking can really give you a challenge. We work out every other day to maintain muscle tone and physical flexibility.


Slowing Down - Linda Morrison Cigar box guitars

Being an introvert, I don’t have much trouble being by myself. However I do like to build cigar box guitars and show them at festivals.

I stay healthy trying new recipes. Some are really good! Some, not so much. I also have a dog and now that warmer weather is here, we go on short walks because she is older and slower.

Long story short, being given this time to slow down, self soothe and "just be" is so important for the human body. It gives each of us time to see where we truly need to adjust our lives to feel whole, satisfied and appreciative.


Creating a New Normal - Dee Ann Palmer-Twenter

Tshirt blanket 1Tshirt blanket 2I can say my shopping habits have definitely changed. I don’t shop as often and am finding I actually really like online ordering and curbside pickup. My husband and I like to go for walks and do that as much as we can. Otherwise, I’ve managed to complete these t-shirt throws for my grown sons. It was a goal I already had for retirement and the “new normal” just helped it along.

Keep sending us your stories! We love to hear about our retirees making the most of this chapter in life.

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