A walk Through MyLAGERS: A Webinar Recap

Last month, LAGERS Assistant Executive Director of Operations gave us a walk through myLAGERS. In case you don’t know, myLAGERS is online access to your LAGERS benefit information. It is a robust online tool that allows you to update your information, complete benefit estimates and apply for retirement. For a tutorial for some of the key features of the system, view the recording of the webinar.


Click Here to View Recorded Webinar

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Your myLAGERS account is secure, but the log-in process is fairly simple.
  • You can quickly and easily update your personal information and beneficiaries.
  • You can generate and save several different benefit estimates.
  • The benefit estimator in myLAGERS allows you to project salary increases.
  • The retirement application process is user friendly and broken into several simple steps.

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