A walk Through MyLAGERS: A Webinar Recap

Last month, LAGERS Assistant Executive Director of Operations gave us a walk through myLAGERS. In case you don’t know, myLAGERS is online access to your LAGERS benefit information. It is a robust online tool that allows you to update your information, complete benefit estimates and apply for retirement. For a tutorial for some of the key features of the system, view the recording of the webinar.

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There’s More to myLAGERS Than Meets the Eye!

If you haven’t signed up for your myLAGERS account yet, you’re missing out! Just like using online banking to monitor your finances, there are so many great benefits of having instant access to your retirement information. And just because you are more than a few years away from retirement doesn’t mean there’s nothing on myLAGERS for you.

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