LAGERS' Latest Performance Update

Recently I asked Brian Collett, our CIO, to give me an update on our most recent investment numbers. He shared lots of information with me on our most recent numbers, but also talked about our Asset study that we just completed, and how that shapes our investment strategy.

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LAGERS CIO Talks Investment Strategy with Trusted Insight

Interview re-printed with permission from Trusted Insight.

Brian Collett is the chief investment officer of Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (MOLAGERS), a $7.5 billion system. Under his leadership, Missouri LAGERS performed among the top in the public fund universe, returning 9.45 percent annualized net of fees for the last five years.

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How LAGERS Handles Market Changes

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To many, the market turmoil that hit stocks globally last week came out of nowhere. In the US, after almost two years of the stock market grinding its way higher, seemingly in defiance of gravity, the over 5% fall last week reminded us that what goes up must come down. In truth, we’ve been living in an investing world which isn’t normal. Falls in the market like the one experienced this February however, are entirely normal, and often healthy, for markets to experience.

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Realistic Expectations for Investment Returns Are Vital for Pension Funding

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Six Themes Important to the Success of LAGERS’ Investment Portfolio

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Another Year in the Books, Another Strong Year for LAGERS Portfolio

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