There Are Two Paths To Retirement, Find Out Which One You Will Take.

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There are two paths to retirement, the traditional path and the non-traditional path. The traditional path is the one where you work your entire career and decide to retire to a life of leisure with no plans for a future job of any sort. The non-traditional path is a more of a gentle downward slope rather than a cliff into retirement. It is characterized by continuing some type of paid employment and gradually easing into the life of leisure when you sever ties with all employment for good. Which path will you take? If you're like most Americans, you will take the non-traditional path.

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Should Employers Provide Financial Education for Employees?

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What is a Funded Status and What Does it Mean for MY Retirement?

If you have ever read a story in the news on the health of a pension fund, you’ve most likely already heard about funded statuses (or ratios). This measurement of pension health is obviously important, but for many, it can seem a bit abstract. Trying to decipher what the number means, is the number good, should I be worried, are all overwhelming questions to say the least.

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