The Impact of Local Government on You and Your Community


When I started working at LAGERS several years ago, I didn't get it. I didn't understand just how valuable the services local government workers provide are to my every day life. Now, 8 years later, I have an entirely different perspective. I now know when a park is clean, it didn't magically clean itself. Instead, there are people, like Joe Schulte (video below), who work hard for my local community to make our parks clean and safe.



I now know it takes public servants with a desire to help people in need. When there is an urgent emergency, local government servants, like Jason Simpson (video below), are ready and willing to help those in need.



I know it takes elected officials who want to give back to their communities and make their community the best that it can be, like former mayors Pat Kelly and Jim Brasfield (video below).



As well, I now know it takes special commissions whose sole purpose is finding ways to help communities grow and prosper, like the St. Louis Parks Grant Commission (video below).



And the list could go on detailing what local governments and those who work for local governments do to make our communities better. Bottom line, local governments are the organizations and people who make our communities cleaner, safer, and a desired place to live. Please join us in saying Thank You to our many local government servants. Happy Local Government Week!

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