The Backbone of Our Communities

This week we are celebrating public servants during Public Service Recognition Week. It's a time to take a moment to observe the men and women that make our communities go. At LAGERS, we have the pleasure of serving the public servants with whom we interact with daily. We have collected many stories from these wonderful people over the years and would like to share some of those stories here as we say THANK YOU to all the public servants out there!

Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Employee, Joe Schulte

This may be my favorite of all the stories we have collected. Joe has served the citizens of Jefferson City for almost 40 years! He is responsible for maintaining the city's parks and rarely takes a sick day. You can find Joe mowing grass, setting up of events, cleaning up litter, or a host of other tasks. Thanks Joe!

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Elected Officials Describe the Importance of Local Government

I love the next video because of the vivid link these elected officials make between citizens and local government services. We often take these services for granted and only notice when there is a problem. But the truth is, local government workers are out there everyday, doing their jobs, to make sure our communities are good places to live.




City of Webster Groves Facilities Supervisor, Dave Garth

This is one of the best interviews we have ever done. Dave is the model public servant because he is passionate about what he does, he loves to serve, understands his role in the community, and truly cares about the citizens in his city. Plus, he has a great sense of humor. Ever heard of tricycle rodeos? Me either, until we met Dave.




City of St. Charles Mounted Police

This is a story we did around Christmas about the mounted police in St. Charles. It's wonderful to see the joy in Tim's eyes as he describes the appreciation he feels from the citizens as they participate in the seasonal festivities. You really get a sense of community and togetherness from this one.




The work of our public servants is often under appreciated and over looked. But they are the people we rely on for safe roads, emergency response, clean water, efficient electricity, and much more. They are our neighbors, friends, and family members. If you get a chance, throw a public worker a thank you every once in awhile. They never expect it, but it will always be appreciated.


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