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While LAGERS is governed by state law, staff also continuously works to stay engaged with our federal policy makers on policy issues that impact public pensions and retirement security. In an effort to build our advocacy work beyond Missouri, staff annually meets with our congressional delegation in Washington DC to talk about the value of public pensions and the incredible impact our members have on their local communities. 

This year, we discussed several overarching topics on the hill including the importance of public service, the value of LAGERS, and national retirement savings shortfalls. Our congressional delegation was overwhelmingly pleased to hear that your LAGERS retirement system is doing very well, and asked we share with our members that they understand the value of having a well-run pension benefit, like LAGERS. And while our conversations with local, state, and federal policy makers continue, don’t forget that you can advocate for the importance of what you do as a public servant and the value of your LAGERS benefit too!

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