LAGERS Member Rosalie Spencer on 50 Years with Rolla Municipal Utilities - "It's Been an Honor to Serve Rolla."

RMU (11).jpgMy colleague Penny and I recently spent some time in Rolla to honor one of our long-standing members, Rolla Municipal Utilities employee Rosalie Spencer, who was celebrating 50 years with the organization with a lunch reception. Around 70 of Rosalie's friends, family and coworkers present and past were on hand to celebrate her accomplishment. "When I started here, I told them if they hired me I wanted to stay until I retire. And I am." Rosalie plans to retire at the end of April of this year, and because she has stayed for 50 years should be able to replace a sizable amount of her salary with her LAGERS benefit.

When asked if anything has changed over the years, Rosalie says "Oh! Everything. I used to do everything with a #2 pencil. I also did manual billing." Rosalie was also the only female in the warehouse during her time working there, and she has worked under every RMU general manager in the history of the organization. Some things have not changed though. When using the dispatch radio, Rosalie still signs off with the call numbers when dispatching the crews, even though it hasn't been required for years. It certainly will be different for them not hearing Rosalie call out "KAI 206" over the airwaves anymore.


Rosalie, circa 1974 at her desk at RMU.
RMU (10).jpg

 Rosalie pictured with her current GM Rodney Bourne and pictures of all her former GM's.

As for this busy lady, retirement will not slow her down. "I plan to take a trip floating down the Mississippi on a cruise from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, and take a lot of bus tours traveling." She also plans to stay busy in the community with her various causes that she is involved with, as well as do art projects in her spare time.

Rosalie Spencer with cake

At her reception I heard from many of her colleagues, family and friends about the type of person Rosalie is. "She's one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know," says Robin Higley, Customer Service Supervisor at RMU. "She has alsways been very dedicated to RMU."

Her son, Bryan Spencer, wants his mom to "travel, enjoy her life and spend her money." Since she is such a lover of Missouri tourism, Bryan says, "She will probably hit every festival and fair in Missouri."

Nick Barrack, of the RMU board, remembers working with Rosalie on countless Summerfest events. "I could always count on her to remind me to get the electric turned on for the event. She's very dependable."


Rosalie with her appreciation plaque and her charter from the city.


 With her gift from LAGERS, a bag for all her travels!

We wish Rosalie all the best on this next chapter in her life! Here's to your secure retirement Rosalie! Congratulations on a job well done. We're glad that we are a part of your next adventure.

If you know of a notable LAGERS member or retiree, please contact us and tell us about it! We want to hear from you.

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