Recent Tornadoes - A time of reflection

JC flood

Photo by Kris Wilson /News Tribune.

We have recently experienced some very severe storms, flooding – you name it - in nearly every region of the state. So many of our friends, families and fellow citizens have experienced great loss. And the damage could have been even worse.

Times like this give us even greater pause to reflect on how fragile and precious each day is.  It should hopefully humble and refocus us all.  Here is something positive I would like to share:

On that Wednesday evening, like many others I was kept awake by the approaching storms and threat of tornadoes. My heart sank as I heard the broadcasts of a tornado on the ground attacking the community of Eldon. My heavy heart slowly turned to angst as the path headed right toward me in Jefferson City – my family, my friends, coworkers and community. “Take cover” was issued and at 11:47 the sirens blared. It was unbelievable. (I actually live REALLY close to the SW edge of Jefferson City very near the YMCA, which was on the path hit.)


Sally Ince/ News Tribune

Here’s what’s truly amazing – the second the sirens when off, IMMEDIATELY I heard the fire & all other first responders sirens take off – ALL rushing out to make it better. If you try to list all of the different groups who responded, you’ll be amazed. Public safety, medical, public works, electrical, technical, logistical, a myriad of support services – you name it.

THAT’S who our members are; and that’s why I am so proud of them and so proud to serve them.

To all of you – thank you.  It matters.  And it is very much appreciated.


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