Public Service Recognition Week Reminds Us of Our Members' Dedication and Commitment

PSRW19_BannerThis week is Public Service Recognition Week, and what better way to celebrate than to highlight a couple of our members that work at one of our newest employers, Daniel Boone Regional Library.

The library recently gave Idenia a shout out on their Facebook page to celebrate her and her 50 years of service to the Columbia Public Library (a branch of DBRL). Indenia's friend and coworker, Frances Bush, also celebrated her 50th year of service to the library. The local Columbia paper did a great write-up on the two so you can get to know them, too.

As I go about my work at LAGERS, I hear stories like these more and more. So many dedicated public servants, committing a career to better their communities by working in local government, and I'm proud to be able to help bring them retirement security in the form of their LAGERS benefit. These members will soon realize the hard work they've been putting in for all those years will have paid off in the form of secure retirement income from their LAGERS benefit. It provides a stable foundation for them to retire with dignity and reap the rewards of a career dedicated to the communities they have served. And that's what we like to hear. GOV Hero Award logo-1That's why this year we've developed our LAGERS Local Government Hero Award, which highlights those LAGERS members in our communities who are showing a significant commitment to their careers in public service. The finalists have been chosen and will be announce in the coming weeks. Those finalists will be our guests at the LAGERS Annual Meeting in Springfield in October.

If you have a story about a dedicated public servant, contact us and let us know about them! We love to feature our members whenever we can.




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