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As many of you know, we have had to cancel all of LAGERS in-person events from now until May 8th due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It was certainly not an easy decision to cancel these events that you, our members, rely on to learn more about your retirement plan. However, we still want to offer you the educational opportunities you need to further understand your LAGERS benefit. So, here are few of the online learning opportunities available to you.

Virtual Pre-Retirement Seminars:

When we discussed cancelation of in-person pre-retirement seminars, we wanted to provide you with the same presentation and materials you would have received at an in-person meeting. So, we scheduled online virtual seminars for the date and time you may have been scheduled to attend an in-person meeting. If you were planning to attend an in-person seminar and would like to attend a virtual pre-retirement seminar, click the link below.

Virtual Pre-Retirement Seminars

Please note: if you registered for an in-person seminar, you will still need to register for the online seminar to get access to the presentation.


Scheduled Webinars:

As part of our regular offerings, LAGERS hosts 4 online webinars every month. These webinars are designed to be about 40-50 minutes and focus on a specific LAGERS related topic. Some of the topics include, understanding your LAGERS benefit, disability and survivor benefits, application process & payment options, new hire orientation and many more. These webinars are scheduled throughout the remainder of 2020. If you would like to view or register for the available webinars, click the link below.

Scheduled Webinars


On-Demand Content

Over the last several years, LAGERS has been producing on-demand video content to help you better understand your benefit. The videos range from short benefits 101 videos to longer recorded webinars and everything in between. You can view these videos on LAGERS' Vimeo Channel.

In addition, the LAGERS website is a great resource for you learn more about your LAGERS benefit. Specifically, the Summary of Benefits section has everything you could possibly want to know about your LAGERS benefit in one place with links to learn more. So, if you can’t attend one of the live online meetings, be sure to take a look at our other on-demand content.

Social Media Content

If you’re reading this blog, you probably are aware that LAGERS uses many social media platforms. However, these platforms are a great place to hear updates from us and learn more about your LAGERS benefit. In case you don’t know about all of the LAGERS’ social media platforms, the links are below:








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