Local Government Hero Finalists Announced

LGH Noms Finalist for email

We're proud of each and every one of our nominees for their accomplishments and dedication to the community and to public service. It was a challenge to pick just three finalists for the first LAGERS Local Government Hero Award.

The three finalists are:

Peggy Bowles - Administrator, Henry County Health

Myrna Blaine - Consumer Supports Director, Camden County Developmental Disability Resources

Brent Mullin - School Resource Officer, City of Sikeston

Each finalist will be given the opportunity to be our guest and be recognized at the LAGERS Annual Meeting, October 23-25, 2019 in Springfield.

The LAGERS Board of Trustees will choose the winner at the LAGERS June Board Meeting.

The winner of the LAGERS Local Government Hero Award will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a coworker for this award and also to those who were nominated. The winner will no doubt be a wonderful representation of the best of what public service in Missouri has to offer!


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