LAGERS Most Popular Blogs of 2019

Best in Show(2)

Wasabi, the 18-month-old Pekingese who won the 2019 American Kennel Club National Championship knows what it takes to be the best. And while LAGERS defines success a bit differently than the AKC, we do have a "Best in Show" of our own.

Below, we count down the Top 5 LAGERS Bloggers blog posts of 2019:


5. How LAGERS Stacks Up to Other U.S. Pension Plans Bob and Jeff attended a national conference where they confirmed that LAGERS performs as well if not better than even the largest pension plans in the U.S.

"We brought back many ideas for improvement and shared some of our ideas with other plans on how they can improve. We also walked away with an overwhelming reminder of the importance of the work that is being done by public pension administrators all over the country. The responsibility of providing secure retirements to millions of Americans is not one that is being taken lightly. As LAGERS' membership continues to grow, the responsibility grows as well. But the commitment to each one of our members will remain the same."

4. 2019 Legislative Day - The Importance of the LAGERS Retirement System  Our Legislative and Communications Coordinator Elizabeth Althoff is creating an advocacy movement to support LAGERS legislative endeavors. Last year's 2nd Annual Legislative Day brought this army of LAGERS and pension supporters together to make sure our collective voice is heard.

3. Three Things You Must Think About before Taking the Partial Lump Sum An oldie but a goodie, this blog performs well year after year. Great information for those choosing  their payout options at retirement. We receive lots of questions about the PLUS when we're in the field talking to members, especially at Pre-Retirement Seminars.

"Deciding whether or not to choose the Partial Lump Sum at retirement is an individual choice. It is crucial not to simply pick the largest number on the page and assume that is the best option for you. Thinking about how long you will live, what you will do with the PLUS, and if you want to leave a legacy are all important considerations when making this decision."

2. Back by Popular Demand: When is the Best Day to Retire?  Also a consistently popular posts, we hear this question a lot from members as well. Turns out, the answer is as unique as each person in the LAGERS system.

"Believe it or not, there are many benefits to showing up to work every day. It keeps you engaged physically, mentally and socially. But at some point, enough is enough. When all of the financial and emotional planning is done and you have determined you can handle retirement; all that’s left is walking up to the edge and making that final jump. When you get to this point, you’ll know."


1. Governor Parson Signs LAGERS' Public Safety Bill Into Law This is something we're really proud of on the legislative front. The LAGERS team has been working on this issue for a very long time and it came to fruition last year. 

"This will be a valuable option to provide further flexibility at the local level to help ensure all our hardworking working public safety employees can someday retire with dignity."


We hope you find our blog posts helpful for you when you navigate the world of LAGERS, and that they provide a window into our world, which revolves around our vision of creating "A Secure Retirement for All"

If you're a LAGERS Administrative Contact, be sure to check out our newest blog, "the Administrator" where we try to make life easier when it comes to all questions regarding LAGERS employer reporting.


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