LAGERS Continues to Keep its Promises to a Growing Retiree Population


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There are now over 24,000 people receiving a monthly benefit from LAGERS.
We're proud that we can continue to keep up our end of the bargain for each and every person that has earned a payment from LAGERS, as we pursue our vision of A Secure Retirement for All. Since this demographic continues to grow, we will strive to ensure the money in our care is safe for all of our members.

Retirement may be a long way off for you. It may be hard to imagine a time when you're not grinding it out every day like you are now. But that day will come. And for 24,000 people receiving a LAGERS benefit, those days are a little better because of the secure income the benefit provides.

To give you a taste, here are some comments we collected in a recent survey of LAGERS' retirees. Enjoy reading and looking forward to the day you will be on the receiving end.


"Enjoying retirement life with no worries due to LAGERS!"


"Being on the other side I can sleep well knowing the entire LAGERS team has all stakeholders' best interests at heart."


"I feel very blessed to have such a great pension. I always tell the folks that are still working to never take this benefit for granted."


"Without exception every LAGERS employee that I have encountered exhibits a true interest in maintaining LAGERS as a secure pension for its members."


"Very pleased with my LAGERS retirement."


"[LAGERS] is something I do not have to worry about!"


"LAGERS is the best defined benefit plan going. Keep up the good work!"


"Keep up the excellent work and keep the knowledgeable people who really desire to help retirees like me."


"One of the best retirement systems in the country for local government employees. I am glad to be a member."


"I appreciate the work to ensure my retirement funds are safe and fully funded."


"Thanks for the security and peace of mind knowing that my pension is secure."



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