Everything you wanted to know about pensions but were afraid to ask


Defined benefits.

Funding levels.



Economic Impact.

Any of this making sense yet?

Pensions can be complex, and we at LAGERS want to break down your benefit for you so it's easy to understand and you can make the right decisions come retirement. That's why we created a page that starts at the very beginning with pensions and explains them from top to bottom. How they are funded, how the investments work, how your employer funds your benefit and how you as a LAGERS member contribute to the economy using your pension dollars. These topics and more are addressed on our "Guide to Pensions" website.

So head on over to http://retire.molagers.org/pensions and get the answers to all your pension related questions that you always wanted to know. And if you have more questions after that, email us and ask us directly, we love to help our members understand the value of their LAGERS benefit!

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