Feeling the LAGERS Love!

We are definitely in the spirit on this day to remember those you love. We love our members, and are members are showing us the love by letting us know how grateful they are for their LAGERS benefit.

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We're so glad that we can help our retirees like Doug reduce the amount of stress in life by helping to provide a stable foundation in retirement.

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We pride ourselves on the security that a defined benefit pension plan like LAGERS can provide to those that have worked hard building a career full of dedication and commitment over the course of sometimes many, many years at the same employer.

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Everyone has goals, hopes and dreams about what they want retirement to look like. We want to help you get there. If you have a story you'd like to share with us about what you're doing in retirement, contact us and tell us about it!

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Flexible payout options in LAGERS, like the Partial Lump Sum (PLUS) distribution, can help you get a head start on those retirement dreams! Here's a snapshot of our retiree Dixie with one of her horses.


And this. This says it all for us. This is why our Vision statement is "A Secure Retirement for All." We firmly believe in providing and promoting retirement security for everyone, and we're committed to providing that every day. LAGERS provides the firm foundation needed to transition middle class workers into middle class retirees and give them the security they need to enjoy retirement.

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Please continue to reach out to us and let us know how your LAGERS benefit is helping you achieve a secure retirement. We love hearing from you! Happy Valentine's Day everyone - enjoy your flowers and chocolate!

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