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 I could say this is the time of year when all of us at LAGERS turn our attention to Local Government, but that would be a lie. Our attention is ALWAYS on local government, in particular local government employees, and how they make our communities better.

So, how exciting it is for us to have an entire week devoted to the people who make local government what it is! We have this upcoming week to share with others our thoughts and feelings about local government and what it does for all of our communities. Dan Ross, executive director of the Missouri Municipal League says this about local government:

"Local government is closer to the people. It makes what you love most about your community happen, such as your schools, parks, or local downtown. Local government also ensures your quality of life through services you may not think about, like clean tap water or repaired streets."

We have been working together with the Missouri Municipal League (MML) to make sure the spotlight shines bright on all things local government. One of our joint efforts includes two videos, one on the Municipal Park Grant Commission and all of the wonderful things they have been able to accomplish, and the other on why one would choose to be part of local government. In addition, our social media team have a number of posts ready to share, blogs drafted, and a new animated video to launch as well.




This upcoming week is a great time to learn more about how your local government serves YOU every day. Local government is:

  • Your children climbing safely on the school bus
  • Your local roads cleared of snow in winter, and the potholes fixed in the spring
  • Clean water coming out of your tap each morning
  • A convenient location for your local polling place
  • Your friends and neighbors serving on the school board, setting a direction for the next school year
  • Your favorite local park pavilion
  • The first responders to a fire, traffic accident or emergency
  • Law enforcement patrolling your street or county road
  • The convenience of trash service right at your curb
  • The new coffee shop opening on Main St.

The MML website contains a toolkit you can use to make your local government week extra special. It includes a list of event ideas and best practices for your community's local government week, posters, suggested tweets, testimonials, youth activity booklet, and more.

Join us in celebrating Local Government Week next week, April 8-14.

The week is sponsored by the following local government organizations:

Missouri Municipal League, www.mocities.com

Missouri Association of Counties, www.mocounties.com

Missouri School Boards' Association, www.msbanet.org

Missouri Association of Councils of Government, www.macogonline.org

Municipal League of Metro St. Louis; www.stlmuni.org

Mid-America Regional Council; www.marc.org

Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System; www.molagers.org


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