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2019 Review - Another Successful Year for the LAGERS System

Goodness gracious, we’ve bid farewell to yet another year. I can’t believe I’ve become one of those, but time truly does go by so fast. This summer marked my 25th year serving LAGERS and our members. Wow. Seems like just yesterday I was learning the ropes myself and so eager to start my career. I burned up the roadways traveling the state to meet members, employers and others. Flip a switch and here we are 25 years later – and I think I love what we do more than ever.

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Recent Tornadoes - A time of reflection

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2018 - LAGERS Director Looks Back

Wow. I cannot believe how fast time truly does pass. We’ve turned the page on 2018, putting yet another year in the books. Seems just like yesterday that the leadership team here at LAGERS was huddled around sharing ideas of goals and objectives and setting our action plan for 2018. And in what seems a blink of an eye, the year has passed and we’ve already begun setting new goals and projects for 2019. We are a task oriented group here at LAGERS driven by pushing ourselves to do more, do it right and serve our members the absolute best we can. So how’d we do, and what did we accomplish? Here is a quick view of 2018:

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New Meeting Series:  Employer Rates and State of the System

I cannot believe it is the end of November already. Where has this year gone? We are just about to bid farewell to 2018 and turn the page on another very successful year for your LAGERS retirement system. 

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Bob's Notes from NASRA

I recently attended the National Association of State Retirement Administrators annual training conference. It’s very helpful to get together with peers and share successes and what’s working best with others across the country. It serves both as an affirmation of some things we’re doing very well and an inspiration of other practices we can employ to be even better. (At this point I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow, I bet THAT’S a giant gathering of retirement nerds...and you would be right. But we're hard working, caring nerds, so it’s all good.) My desk now includes 4 pages of notes ranging from cybersecurity ideas for discussion, team/leadership development, to membership surveys. The information is only as good as the user, so my task is to explore each item to see how it might make our system even better.

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Bob's message from NCPERS

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A Seat at the Table


In my office, over the back of one of the chairs at a small conference table, hangs a precious gift I received from the Jefferson City Fire Department – an old firefighter coat that was worn and retired from service. Just an old, smoke-filled coat... that means so much more.

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A Word from Bob - Out Spreading LAGERS' Message

I was recently invited to the National Association of Police Organizations annual conference to speak regarding Communicating the Value of Public Service and also participate in a panel discussing Plan Funding and Design.The conference focus was best practices in attracting and retaining the best possible public servants and re-instilling value, pride and commitment to community service.It was truly an honor to be part of a group so dedicated to making a difference and proactively moving our communities forward.The caring of so many across the country was humbling and inspiring.

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How time flies. What did we do with 2017?

Seems like only yesterday we were ushering in the start of 2017. And suddenly we look up and it’s December already. Wow. Where did all the time go and what did we accomplish? Did I make good use of my time, which becomes more precious and fleeting every day? Am I making my work, community and world a better place? Did I apply my best effort? Am I proud of all I’ve done this past year? Those are the things I find myself asking a lot this time of year. It’s a time of reflection, for all of us.

Meet the New LAGERS Director

As was previously announced, Bob Wilson was appointed by the LAGERS Board of Trustees as Executive Secretary effective July 1st.  Bob began his career at LAGERS as ‘public relations coordinator’ in the summer of 1994. This was a new position created by the Board of Trustees to work directly in the field to better serve LAGERS’ members and employers, and be a bridge between the membership and LAGERS board and staff. One of Bob’s original mandates from the board was to physically visit each one of our employers in person at least once every two years. When Bob started LAGERS had 348 employers.  He embraced this opportunity and what a bridge he became. LAGERS now has over 700 employers. Bob has continued to expand educational services with his roles as Manager of Member Services, then eventually Assistant Executive Secretary, Member Services.

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