LAGERS' 50th Year Was a Good One

The past year was a really good one for LAGERS. We celebrated a big anniversary, remained on strong financial footing, welcomed 20 new employers, and more! Here are the highlights from a very eventful 2017.

LAGERS Celebrated Our 50th Anniversary

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Back By Popular Demand - What to Expect During Your First Year in Retirement

"Your first year in retirement is a little like starting a new job, only without all the work.  But still, it involves establishing a routine, figuring out when your money will come in, building new relationships, and feeling excited about the future.  Starting a new job means dealing with a lot of unknowns, and beginning a new chapter in life as big as retirement is no different.  Here is what you can expect from LAGERS during your first year."

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Who Can Participate in LAGERS?

Do you know there are only two requirements to participate in LAGERS? Find out what these two requirements are to determine if YOU are eligible to participate in LAGERS. Watch this video, "Who Can Participate in LAGERS?"

How time flies. What did we do with 2017?

Seems like only yesterday we were ushering in the start of 2017. And suddenly we look up and it’s December already. Wow. Where did all the time go and what did we accomplish? Did I make good use of my time, which becomes more precious and fleeting every day? Am I making my work, community and world a better place? Did I apply my best effort? Am I proud of all I’ve done this past year? Those are the things I find myself asking a lot this time of year. It’s a time of reflection, for all of us.

How LAGERS Retirement for Government Workers Help Everyone (Infographic)


Missouri LAGERS provides defined benefit plans to government entities because they help attract workers to provide valuable services for communities. Since the amount of the benefit is tied to longevity of your service, defined benefit plans discourage turnover. But, most importantly, defined benefit plans help employees retire when they should. This is good for the employer so they can avoid the additional costs incurred when employees stay on the job too long. All of these advantages of a defined benefit retirement plan are also good for the community as a whole.Here's how:

From our Members - "Can You Purchase Military Service When You Currently Receive a Pension from the Military?"

This is the first post in our new series, based on members' real questions to us.

I was recently asked, "Can I still purchase military service even though I am receiving a pension from the military?"

The quick answer is yes, you may still purchase military service even though you receive a military pension. However, you must be an active LAGERS member to do so. The following information provides more details about purchasing service at LAGERS.

1st Quarter Events Now Available!

The new year is quickly approaching. Is this the year you are starting to think about retirement? If so, you should attend a pre-retirement seminar. Pre-Retirement seminars are the best source for information about your LAGERS retirement benefits. As well, we bring in guest speakers from Social Security and Missouri CLAIM (Medicare) to help you have a well-rounded understanding of your benefit.

Things to Consider when Timing Your LAGERS Retirement Benefit

Are you thinking about retirement? Are you trying to figure out when would be the best time to take the plunge? This is a common question that is asked of me at pre-retirement seminars. Some people think they should leave on their anniversary date; others may say it has to be the first of the year; and yet others say you need to retire on October 1st. When you should retire is a personal decision only you can make. However, there are some things you may want to consider when timing your retirement in regards to your LAGERS benefit.

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