More Economic Good News for Pemiscot County...and the Rest of Missouri

Here is a little teaser from our newest Economic Impact Report, which is coming soon!  Be on the lookout for our latest report with the most up-to-date economic impact data to see the major economic impact that YOUR retirement benefit is leaving on our great state!  

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Wage Reporting Questions?

Missouri LAGERS employers must complete and submit a monthly wage report for covered employees as part of the administration of their LAGERS plan.  This report helps determine the employerscontributions and members’ final average salary at retirement.

Quick Chat About Taxes...

During this time of year, you may not be thinking about taxes. Instead, if you’re like me, you’re thinking about playoff baseball, football, fall festivals, and many other wonderful things that come with the onset of autumn. However, I think it might be a good idea to give you a quick refresher on how taxes will affect your retirement planning and your LAGERS benefit.

Why You Shouldn't Think of Your COLA as a Raise

One of the most common questions members ask at Pre-Retirement Seminars is ‘what is the average cost of living adjustment LAGERS retirees receive each year?’

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A Secure Retirement for Local Government Workers Brings Major Economic Payoff for Missouri

Did you know that every person living in Missouri benefits from the LAGERS system? How can that be, you might ask? While not every Missourian is actually drawing a benefit from LAGERS, the economic benefits produced by retirees spending their benefits, ripple throughout Missouri’s economy. This retiree spending produces major economic impact that affects each and every person living in our great state!

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The Story of LAGERS

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Typically, when one enters a new job or profession, he or she is confronted with a daunting task of learning the vocabulary and jargon of that particular field of work. The same can be said for me upon my recent employment at LAGERS. As I traverse this new world of pension vocabulary, I think it might be beneficial to pass my new found knowledge on to you, as I am assuming pension jargon is a foreign language to most who are not directly involved with the field of public pensions.

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