Just in Case - Disability and Survivor Benefits

It's summer, and a lot of our members are out taking advantage of the nice weather getting things done in our streets, parks and other places in our community. Working out in the field brings with it a different set of risks for local government employees. A little known fact about LAGERS - we have survivor and disability benefits available to you as a LAGERS member!

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MY LAGERS EXPERIENCE: A Reflection on Three Remarkable Decades

Keith Hughes, Executive Director

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What Are Your Plans?

I'm not big on audience participation.

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It’s Official: The U.S. Retirement Crisis is Real

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Let's Break Down Retirement Security

"Retirement Security"... the phrase may bring up a lot of questions. Such as -

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Back by Popular Demand: The Extra LAGERS Benefits that You May Not Know You Have

When you think about your LAGERS benefit, probably the first words that come to mind are ‘retirement benefit.’ After all, Retirement System is in our name. But don’t forget that there is more to your benefit than the name may suggest; LAGERS also provides our members with disability and survivor’s benefits.

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Top 5 Employer Reporting Tips

For some of our employers, the employer reporting process may seem like a foreign art that is yet to be mastered. Others may just need a quick refresher. Here are some helpful tips that I have put together based on my short experience as an Account Analyst for LAGERS.

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