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LAGERS Annual Meeting


At the 2018 LAGERS Annual Meeting, we heard updates on LAGERS strong performance, legislative updates, pension finance survey results, the important role of the LAGERS board, the new educational tools available and much more. As well, two current board members were re-elected to 4 year terms and another elected to fill the remainder of term vacated by Kathy Barsczcak who retired from her LAGERS employer. As you can see, the Annual Meeting was packed full of good information and board elections that chart the course for the future of your LAGERS system. So, here’s a quick recap.

We started the meeting with several educational breakout sessions that covered topics like how much you will get from LAGERS, LAGERS’ disability and survivor benefits, LAGERS’ payout options and much more. Each attendee had the opportunity to pick and choose which session they wanted to attend that best served their needs. If you missed these sessions, check out our recorded webinars.

After the breakout sessions were complete, the attendees had the opportunity to hear system performance updates from the LAGERS Board Chairperson, Arby Todd, LAGERS Executive Secretary, Bob Wilson, LAGERS Chief Investment Officer, Brian Collett and LAGERS Director of Investments, Megan Loehner. Overall, the reports showed the LAGERS system, as a whole, had a strong performance and continues to be one of the strongest funded pension plans in the country.

As well, Arby Todd, LAGERS Chairperson, announced the launching of a new Local Government Hero Award. This award is designed to recognize local government employees who are great example of what it means to be a public servant. Recipients can be anyone who is performing a public service and are a LAGERS member. For more information about the Local Government Hero Award, click here.

Finally, there were three Board of Trustee positions that were filled at the Annual Business Meeting. Barry McCullough, a current Employer Trustee from the City of Gladstone was elected to complete another 4 year term ending December 31, 2022. As well, Joan Jadali, a current Member Trustee from the City of Webster Groves was elected to complete another 4 year term ending December 31, 2022. Finally, Sandy Walker, a new Member Trustee from the City of Poplar Bluff was elected to serve the remainder of a term ending December 31, 2020.

So, as you can see, the Annual Meeting has many opportunities for you to learn more about your pension system, hear updates about your system’s performance, and have input on the future direction of the system by participating in the board elections. If you would like to download the Annual Meeting Booklet with takeaways or the presentations, visit the Annual Meeting page on the LAGERS Website – Click here.

Join us next year in Springfield, MO on October 24th & 25th!

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