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LAGERS Has Been Busy!


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Autumn is always a busy time for us. It may not feel like fall outside, but we're still hopping here at LAGERS.

Annual Meeting - Springfield hosted our Annual Meeting in October. Not only did we have wonderful educational sessions for members and employers alike, we had a very informative leadership panel fromAM 2019 (95) 1 our Board Chair Arby Todd, Executive Director Bob Wilson and our Chief Investment Officer Brian Collett. We also recognized our first Local Government Hero Finalist and named the 2019 Annual Local Government Hero award winner, Brent Mullin of Sikeston Missouri's Department of Public Safety and the Bulldog Pantry.

To see the presentations from the meeting head over to our website. We also have videos there of some of the sessions, and our Local Government Hero Finalists.

Annual Meeting Session Materials

We've also released our updated performance numbers for the system. Our performance remains strong as we continue to provide retirement security for our members and a solid attract and retain tool for our employers to recruit strong public servants for our local government communities. We continue to lead in this space and will always put our members and employers first.

Our Annual Reports page gives a thorough breakdown of the past year.

LAGERS Latest Financial Reports

We also produced our latest Economic Impact report, which details how LAGERS paid over $333 million in benefits last year, with $309 million paid to recipients living in Missouri. “LAGERS provides a modest, but dependable, monthly benefit that helps our members avoid poverty in retirement and allows them to exit the workforce with dignity,” said LAGERS’ Executive Director, Robert Wilson. The average benefit paid to a LAGERS retiree in Missouri is around $14,000 per year.

Download LAGERS Economic Impact Report

We are going to be hopping for a few more weeks until the holidays slow us down a bit with meetings and travel in the winter months. But rest assured we've got some great things planned for 2020, continuing to serve our members and providing "A Secure Retirement for All" as much as we can.


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