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LAGERS Economic Impact 2019  - The Numbers Are In!

LAGERS' most recent economic impact numbers are coming in, and it looks to be another successful year of providing stable economic foundations for our members, retirees and the communities in which they live. Here are just a few quick stats:

We're proud to provide retirement, disability and survivor benefits to our members, and we're also proud that those benefits in turn create a ripple effect throughout economies across Missouri. Our retirees spend their modest pension incomes on goods and services in which they live. That creates a positive impact for all of us.

Be sure to watch for the full 2019 Economic Impact Report, which will be released in the coming weeks, and until then, register for our Economic Impact Webinar on October 17.

Our Legislative and Communications Coordinator Elizabeth Althoff will go through the report, and it's most notable findings and what that means for our Missouri communities. Join us on October 17!

Register for the Economic Impact Report  Webinar

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Thinking About Changing Benefits? Here's What You Need to Know

For many of our employers, it’s budget season! Usually around this time of year, we have an increased number of requests from you for changing your LAGERS benefit level(s). So, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss what can be changed, the process and the pros and cons of upgrading LAGERS benefits.

Governing Body Eligibility - More Details

We've received a lot of inquiries from you about the new Governing Body Eligibility clarification. Here's Dennise Schaben to explain the changes in a more in-depth way.

Dennise Governing Body

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Types of Retirement Plans

It's sometimes easy to get confused when it comes to retirement, benefits and the different accounts and options that are involved. Your LAGERS benefit is a very specific type of retirement benefit, called a defined benefit plan, otherwise known as a pension.

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LAGERS Seeking Legislation to Update Public Safety Definition

LAGERS believes that we play a critical role in helping local government employers, like you, recruit and retain high caliber workers into public service. One of our greatest tools in helping our employers achieve this is the flexibility of the LAGERS benefit structure. 

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Announcing the Certified LAGERS Administrator

Are you responsible for administering LAGERS’ benefits at your employer? This great opportunity is for you! The Certified LAGERS Administrator program is designed to give you a foundation of knowledge about LAGERS, enhance your ability to administer your LAGERS plan and know what resources are available to you.

Nominate Your Hero of our goals here at LAGERS is to celebrate local government service in our Missouri communities. LAGERS members are highly skilled local government workers that dedicate a career, sometimes that lasts their entire lifetime of work, to serving our communities.

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3 Common Monthly Reporting Questions

Who is Eligible for LAGERS Benefits?

Like with any benefit, there are certain eligibility requirements to be able to participate in LAGERS. As one of your most valuable benefits, it's important to make sure that you are enrolling employees correctly. Here's a quick refresher of who is and is not eligible to participate in LAGERS.

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