A Behind the Scenes Peek Inside LAGERS’ First Legislative Day!

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Last week, LAGERS members gathered in Jefferson City to take part in a very first for our retirement system - an Advocacy Day.  An advocacy day is an opportunity for members from across our state to gather in the capitol to demonstrate a physical presence of our system and to visit with legislators about the value of their LAGERS benefit.  We had a great time, visited with tons of legislators, and brought some serious pension energy to the capitol building!!  Here are a few highlights from our day!

Introductions in the Senate

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Observing our Senate in action is one of the coolest experiences to behold in the capitol building.  This is where laws are born, and the process is truly something to see.  A few of our members even got a special introduction on the Senate floor from Senator Rizzo!

Meetings in the House

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Following our visit to the Senate, we spent time meeting with members of the House and House Pensions committee.  Pulling legislators off the floor during debate can be hectic to say the least, but our folks jumped right in and had some great conversations about why LAGERS is so important to them!  This face-time is critical to the long-term security of our system because policy makers value being able to see how an "abstract" policy issue, like pensions, impacts real people back home in their districts.

A Visit with the Joint Committee

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We finished our day with a quick stop at the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement.  This committee provides oversight for all public pensions, big and small, across Missouri.  It was great to see some of the behind-the-scenes efforts that take place in the Capitol to ensure the security of all pension plans in the state!

We had an awesome day and were so exited to see our members spreading the good news of LAGERS.  Our system and the work our members do every day is something to be very proud of, and taking the opportunity to share that with our policy makers will make a difference! 

And although this year's advocacy day is done, our work doesn't stop here!  All LAGERS members can advocate for the work they do in public service, and the value of their LAGERS benefit....not just in Jefferson City, but back home with friends, family, and local leaders!  To join our advocacy efforts click here!


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