3 Reasons to Attend a Pre-Retirement Seminar, Straight from our Members


Pre-Retirement Seminar season 2019 is well underway here at LAGERS. We're traveling the state, coming to your area to educate and inform you on the process of retiring and receiving your LAGERS benefit. If you are within 5 years of retirement, we recommend you attend at least one before retirement rolls around. We asked those who attended our seminars how we did, and we came up with 3 reasons why you should attend a Pre-Retirement Seminar.

1. We keep it simple. Pensions are complicated. From the benefit multiplier,  credited service and final average salary to the retirement application process, taxes and COLAS, we break it all down for you in a simple, easy to understand way so that you can make informed decisions about your retirement.

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2. We make sure you get the information you need about your pension.

There are many decisions that have to be made when it comes to your LAGERS benefit. We make sure that those most important things, like how to calculate your benefit, how to apply for your retirement benefit and how to choose how to receive your retirement are made very clear to you, and that you know what your options are.

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3. We try to have a little fun along the way.

Sitting through a pre-retirement seminar sounds like a fun way to spend a day, right? Well, we try make sure we keep you informed and engaged by talking about how exciting retirement can be - It's a whole new chapter of our lives we get to enjoy! We tell stories about retirees and the fun stuff they're doing in retirement, talk about your choices and how you plan to spend all your time in retirement, and share our dreams for the secure retirement we've spent decades working toward. Everyone gets excited when they start talking about retirement!

84% of attendees rate LAGERS PRS as "Excellent" on our post seminar survey. So we must be doing something right. Come see for yourself. Visit our Events page to find one near you, and come join us for a Pre-Retirement Seminar.

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