Working After Retirement?

bigstock-Grand-ma-in-the-kitchen-using--15279524We all dream of the day when we can retire. We dream of the option to come and go as we please, sleep as late as we want, and do as we wish.

But what happens when you get that call. The call from your former employer telling you that they need you back. Even just "for a few hours a week" or maybe even a few days. Or what happens when you realize you have so much time on your hands that you need to keep busy doing something; or maybe you get the itch to do something completely different from what you did before in your career?

What are your options in LAGERS?

Well, you do have options. It depends on if you plan to go back full or part time, whether you're doing something new or coming back to your former employer.

Read our previous blog on this subject , and check out our section on our new website "Working After Retirement". And as always, if you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us with your questions. We're always here to help!


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