BBPD - Just in Case - Disability and Survivor Benefits

2014 N New Madrid Sink Hole

It's summer, and a lot of our members are out taking advantage of the nice weather getting things done in our streets, parks and other places in our community. Working out in the field brings with it a different set of risks for local government employees. A little known fact about LAGERS - we have survivor and disability benefits available to you as a LAGERS member!

What does this mean? Well, call it your "Just in Case" provision.

Let's hope you don't have to use them but the benefit is there if you do. Whether your on the clock or off work, these benefits work for you should you have an accident, or worse.

Our communications coordinator, Elizabeth Althoff, explains these benefits in greater detail in this short video.

Sometimes this is the "Best Kept Secret" of your LAGERS benefit. But secret no longer! We want to make sure all LAGERS members know that this is part of your LAGERS benefit. You know, "Just in Case."

For more information on this provision, visit our Disability and Survivor benefits pages on our website.


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