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Electronic and paper media concept All the Best Retirement News We're Reading This Month

I found many great resources and articles this month relating to pensions and the retirement industry. Read on for some great info.

Retirement confidence and investing go hand in hand. In these 2 articles, read about one of the biggest mistakes older investors make in terms of risk, and the level of confidence workers feel about their retirement security.

Read "The Biggest Mistake Older Investors are Making"

Read CNN Money's Article on Retirement Confidence

The next article for you is a spotlight on one of our retirees. This article is from last year, but we love to hear and tell the stories about what our retirees are doing after they leave the workforce. If you know of any LAGERS retirees doing great things (and I’m sure you do) contact us and let us know about them!

Read "Vulcan Man Wins Songwriting Award"

It’s true; the face of retirement is changing in many ways. Many retirees leave the world of full time work young enough to have plenty of time to pursue dreams and interests they’ve thought about doing for many years. In “The New Retirement is Not to Retire,” read about 3 retirees with unconventional second acts.

Read "The New Retirement is Not to Retire"

Ever heard of the “Gig Economy”? The term refers to part time, contract and freelance work that is being done in today’s workforce. A lot of retired people decide to work after they have completed their careers. Here are a couple of articles that talk about easy side jobs, such as a virtual assistant or a landlord, and how to turn them into successful income streams.

Read Frugal Rules Article on Great Side Gigs

Read "How to Get the Right Tenant for Your Rental Property"

The last article I wanted to make mention of to you is one from our own blog; last week’s post by Jeff Kempker on what is working and what isn’t in today’s pension reform conversation. What is especially important is the last line in the article, so read to the end.

“We should not be seeking solutions that eliminate any one leg of the stool, but rather, to make those legs work together to provide a more stable base for all Americans.”

Read Jeff's Article on Pension Reform


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