My Vesting Milestone


Yesterday was a big day for me. It’s the day I became a vested member in the LAGERS system. Reaching this important milestone on the road to retirement has been an easy one for me. It’s been easy because I truly love my job, the wonderful relationships I have established with my co-workers and our members and to be part of such a great organization. To be part of something that is bigger than me, that positively impacts people every day, is so rewarding. Here are the top three things that I think makes your and my retirement system great!


1.  LAGERS is Innovative.  The year before I began working at LAGERS, we had just introduced our online reporting system, ECLIPSE. It was developed to not only integrate the different systems we were previously utilizing, but to also make the process of working with LAGERS more streamlined for employers and members. It ensures that anything from a benefit being calculated to the monthly contribution amount due is completed efficiently and accurately. We have even had other retirements systems across the nation inquire on setting up a system similar to ECLIPSE.
2.  LAGERS is Member Focused. We are constantly seeking methods to improve how we educate and communicate with our members. We are currently working on a responsive website, have redesigned our forms, launched the myLAGERS member web portal, began providing training and informational webinars and even introduced our blog you’re reading now. For our retired members, we also have Link Meetings, where you can come receive updates on your LAGERS system and connect with other retired LAGERS members.
3. LAGERS Gets it Right. It is our motto. When you call or meet one of us at an event, you will be speaking with someone who has taken the necessary steps to assure that not only are we measuring up to our financial obligations but also our service to our members. We strive to provide great customer service because we hire people who care about you. Everything we do affects our members so we consistently strive to get it right.
Remember this is your retirement system! If there is something that you feel could make us better, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to let us know. We are here for you, not just now, but for many years to come.


Dennise Schaben Accounts Analyst Dennise Schaben
Accounts Analyst


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