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I don’t think LAGERS members hear this enough:  this pension system belongs to you.  It’s yours.  The $6 billion in assets are held in trust for you and the system exists solely for the benefit of you, the member, and your beneficiaries.

It’s your money, we’re just holding on to it for you.

Because of this, you get to have a say in how LAGERS operates.  You can have a voice in the global decisions about investments, administration, policies, and practices.  Should you choose to use your voice, you may help set thousands of local government workers on a path to retirement preparedness and security.  You are just one of 60,000 LAGERS members and retirees, but you can still be heard.


LAGERS’ Board of Trustees is the group of people that set the vision and make the decisions that shape our system.  These folks are just like you.  A fire fighter, a police officer, an IT supervisor, a board member of a library district, and so on.  The trustees are the LAGERS members and employer representatives that have stepped forward to help ensure your system will be financially sound for years to come.  These people are chosen by members like you at LAGERS’ Annual Meeting each October.

The annual meeting provides a great opportunity for members to come together and participate in setting a course for the system.  Each LAGERS employer, no matter the size, may send two representatives to the meeting to vote for a Member Trustee and an Employer Trustee to serve on the LAGERS’ Board.  The person who votes for the Member Trustee is chosen by his or her co-workers and the person who votes for the Employer Trustee is appointed by the board of the local employer.  This year’s meeting will be held at the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel in St. Louis.

Whether you desire to become a trustee, attend the Annual Meeting as a voting delegate, or simply participate in choosing which of your co-workers will attend the Annual Meeting to represent you, you are being actively engaged in the success of your retirement system.

There are opportunities for your voice to be heard.  All you have to do is step forward.

More information about the Annual Meeting can be found here.


Jeff Kempker, RPA, CRC Jeff Kempker
Manager of Member Services


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