Expressing Gratitude is Important, Especially in 2020

A "gratitude" tree was displayed at LAGERS' office this week. Paper leaves and acorns were provided so we could write things about our co-workers that we are grateful for and attach them to the tree. This seemingly simple exercise has been one of the most impactful team-building experiences in my 17-year career here. It inspired me to write about gratitude and to encourage everyone to always be searching for the sweet lemonade and to discard the sour lemons. I am grateful for all of my co-workers, my employer, and to all the LAGERS members reading this right now. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Missouri LAGERS Annual Reports Now Available

Missouri LAGERS Annual Reports, including the Popular Annual Financial Report, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and the 52nd Annual Actuarial Valuation are now available on our website.

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LAGERS Names First Ever Legislative Champion

Representative Pike being honored on October 30th at the LAGERS' Annual Meeting by Board Chairman, Arby Todd, and Executive Director, Bob Wilson.

Missouri LAGERS recently honored Representative Patricia Pike as LAGERS’ first ever legislative champion.

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LAGERS Annual Meeting Recap

This year, like many other events, the LAGERS Annual Meeting looked, well, different. We're not going to focus on those things though. We at LAGERS are tasked with organizing and holding an annual meeting for our stakeholders every year. And in usual LAGERS fashion, we used the challenges presented in these uncertain times (new normal, now more than ever, unprecedented era - insert your favorite COVID-19 buzzword) to accomplish the job we came to do in the best way possible and to innovate our processes while looking towards the future.

Back By Popular Demand: I Sent My Retirement Application, Now What?

A member recently emailed the following: "I downloaded the Application for Retirement. I will fill it out and send it in, but is there anything else I need to do at this time?"

Luckily, the process for retirement at LAGERS is simple. The member is right in that the first step is to submit the Application for Retirement 30 -90 days prior to when you want to receive your first benefit payment. You can apply online through your myLAGERS account or submit a paper application via mail, email or fax.

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LAGERS is Your Foundation for a Secure Retirement


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The Three W's of LAGERS Annual Meeting

It’s October, which means we’re quickly approaching the LAGERS’ Annual Meeting. The annual meeting is a great place to interface with LAGERS’ board and staff, learn more about your LAGERS' benefit and network with your fellow local government workers. Since we are so close, I wanted to share with you the three W’s for this year’s meeting.

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Retiree Spotlight: Betty Buerk

The retiree spotlight is on Betty Buerk, a 17 year public service veteran from the City of Washington, and she has a few shareable words for us:

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Is the 401(k) Retirement Plan Really Broken?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Is America's Favorite Retirement Plan Brokendescribes the current state of 401(k) plans. The article provides evidence that these plans may need to be fixed for them to create successful retirement outcomes for the millions of Americans that participate in these retirement investment vehicles. While the main point of the article is to point out plans of policymakers to make the 401(k) more equitable in respect to the way taxation is handled, other points made in the article piqued my interest. 

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LAGERS on the Front Lines

We all know things are different right now, for all of us. Terms like uncertain times and new normal are overused so much they're beyond cliche.

Things are different for many of us at work as well, and that includes LAGERS members. Take a look at what some of them have been doing during this difficult time (another cliche, but true none the less) to keep our communities running smoothly and safely.

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