Webinar Recap: Estate Planning 101

It's never easy to talk about the inevitable death of a loved one or even your own demise, but it is necessary if we want our wishes to be honored upon our death.

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Why Increased Member Contributions Doesn't Always Mean Better Benefits

Last year, Missouri law was amended to expand LAGERS’ participating employers options for employee contribution to a 0%, 2%, 4%, or 6% election. Previously, an employer could only elect a 0% or 4% employee contribution amount. Since then, we have received a number of calls from members and employers about this new option. One common theme of these calls has been members wanting to increase their LAGERS' contribution amount. However, they are disappointed when they find out that paying more in employee contributions doesn’t always directly result in better benefits.

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Advice from the Experts - Benefit Specialists

We've gathered together some of the best advice we can from the best experts on LAGERS retirement - our benefits specialists! Read on to get some great information on what you need to know about your LAGERS benefit.

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Whether you are counting the days to retirement or you are decades away, planning ahead is essential to your financial independence. Your LAGERS benefit is a building block for your fiscal success. Having a good understanding of the benefits available to you now and in the future will enhance your security and peace of mind. If you are considering making financial planning one of your resolutions for the new year, here are three ways anyone can include LAGERS as part of the discussion.

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Retiree Spotlight: Tim Wisely, City of Maplewood

My career as a public servant 

I worked for the City of Maplewood as a Firefighter/EMT. I started there on Nov. 16, 1985 and retired on Nov.16, 2016. It was the best and most enjoyable time of my life. It was always a great feeling to walk through the engine bay every morning at the beginning of each shift and say a quiet prayer asking for strength, courage and endurance to push through any situation and to find and help those in need.

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Expressing Gratitude is Important, Especially in 2020

A "gratitude" tree was displayed at LAGERS' office this week. Paper leaves and acorns were provided so we could write things about our co-workers that we are grateful for and attach them to the tree. This seemingly simple exercise has been one of the most impactful team-building experiences in my 17-year career here. It inspired me to write about gratitude and to encourage everyone to always be searching for the sweet lemonade and to discard the sour lemons. I am grateful for all of my co-workers, my employer, and to all the LAGERS members reading this right now. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Missouri LAGERS Annual Reports Now Available

Missouri LAGERS Annual Reports, including the Popular Annual Financial Report, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and the 52nd Annual Actuarial Valuation are now available on our website.

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LAGERS Names First Ever Legislative Champion

Representative Pike being honored on October 30th at the LAGERS' Annual Meeting by Board Chairman, Arby Todd, and Executive Director, Bob Wilson.

Missouri LAGERS recently honored Representative Patricia Pike as LAGERS’ first ever legislative champion.

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LAGERS Annual Meeting Recap

This year, like many other events, the LAGERS Annual Meeting looked, well, different. We're not going to focus on those things though. We at LAGERS are tasked with organizing and holding an annual meeting for our stakeholders every year. And in usual LAGERS fashion, we used the challenges presented in these uncertain times (new normal, now more than ever, unprecedented era - insert your favorite COVID-19 buzzword) to accomplish the job we came to do in the best way possible and to innovate our processes while looking towards the future.

Back By Popular Demand: I Sent My Retirement Application, Now What?

A member recently emailed the following: "I downloaded the Application for Retirement. I will fill it out and send it in, but is there anything else I need to do at this time?"

Luckily, the process for retirement at LAGERS is simple. The member is right in that the first step is to submit the Application for Retirement 30 -90 days prior to when you want to receive your first benefit payment. You can apply online through your myLAGERS account or submit a paper application via mail, email or fax.

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