A walk Through MyLAGERS: A Webinar Recap

Last month, LAGERS Assistant Executive Director of Operations gave us a walk through myLAGERS. In case you don’t know, myLAGERS is online access to your LAGERS benefit information. It is a robust online tool that allows you to update your information, complete benefit estimates and apply for retirement. For a tutorial for some of the key features of the system, view the recording of the webinar.

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Can You Imagine A World Without Local Government?

This week, Missouri is celebrating Local Government Week. Outside of a high school civics class, many of us probably don’t give much thought to the role local governments play in our daily lives. And while it is easy to go about our days taking for granted many of the things local government makes possible, can you image what the world would look like without it?

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The Lead Recap: What Did You Miss?

On April 7, 2021, LAGERS' Leaders hosted a webinar called The LEAD. This webinar is a quarterly webinar that provides behind the scenes information on the most relevant issues related to your retirement system. In this past The LEAD, Executive Director Robert Wilson and Assistant Director, External Affairs Jeff Kempker lead a discussion on the following topics:

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Retiree Spotlight: Linda Hermann

As this is Women's History Month, it is with great honor that this month's LAGERS' Retiree Spotlight shines on the second and longest serving female commissioner in Ste. Genevieve County's history, Linda Hermann. Linda began her career in St. Genevieve County in 1978 in the county treasurer's office. She eventually made the move to the county clerk's office and even did a two year stint in the sheriff's office as a dispatcher. From there Linda served her community as the District 1 Commissioner of Ste. Genevieve County for 10 years. Today, Ste. Genevieve County maintains a strong female presence in its elected offices. Perhaps Linda helped a little in paving the way for these women.

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Your Annual Statement: A Great Financial Planning Tool!

The main purpose of your LAGERS benefit is to provide a steady stream of income during your years in retirement.  Knowing what your LAGERS benefit will be, even if it’s not a lot, can help tremendously when you are trying to solve the retirement puzzle.

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Webinar Recap: Estate Planning 101

It's never easy to talk about the inevitable death of a loved one or even your own demise, but it is necessary if we want our wishes to be honored upon our death.

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Why Increased Member Contributions Doesn't Always Mean Better Benefits

Last year, Missouri law was amended to expand LAGERS’ participating employers options for employee contribution to a 0%, 2%, 4%, or 6% election. Previously, an employer could only elect a 0% or 4% employee contribution amount. Since then, we have received a number of calls from members and employers about this new option. One common theme of these calls has been members wanting to increase their LAGERS' contribution amount. However, they are disappointed when they find out that paying more in employee contributions doesn’t always directly result in better benefits.

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Advice from the Experts - Benefit Specialists

We've gathered together some of the best advice we can from the best experts on LAGERS retirement - our benefits specialists! Read on to get some great information on what you need to know about your LAGERS benefit.

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Whether you are counting the days to retirement or you are decades away, planning ahead is essential to your financial independence. Your LAGERS benefit is a building block for your fiscal success. Having a good understanding of the benefits available to you now and in the future will enhance your security and peace of mind. If you are considering making financial planning one of your resolutions for the new year, here are three ways anyone can include LAGERS as part of the discussion.

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Retiree Spotlight: Tim Wisely, City of Maplewood

My career as a public servant 

I worked for the City of Maplewood as a Firefighter/EMT. I started there on Nov. 16, 1985 and retired on Nov.16, 2016. It was the best and most enjoyable time of my life. It was always a great feeling to walk through the engine bay every morning at the beginning of each shift and say a quiet prayer asking for strength, courage and endurance to push through any situation and to find and help those in need.

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