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LAGERS provides you with a piece of financial security through secure income when you leave the workforce. However, LAGERS is not designed to be your only source of income when you are no longer working. Instead, it is designed to be one secure source. Some keys to achieving financial independence is your ability to accumulate savings and minimize debt. So, here are a few articles I found that do a good job of explaining the need for savings,

Why Saving Early Is Important


This article gives us three reasons why saving for retirement early is important. Those reasons include making savings affordable, reducing your taxable income and setting you up for future success with savings.


Nearing Retirement Checklist


If you are closing in on retirement, there are a number of different issues you will need to consider. For your LAGERS benefit, those issues will include the application process, payment options, taxes and cost of living adjustments. This article has another list of topics to consider for determine if you're ready to leave the workforce.


The Money You Don't Have to Save

The Money You Dont Have to Save (1)-1

Your LAGERS pension plan provides you with lifetime monthly income when you reach retirement. However, if you didn't have your LAGERS benefit, you would need to save additionally to replace the income provided by your pension. This blog post shows you the amounts you don't have to save because you are a LAGERS members.


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