Connecting with State and Local Leaders


I spent some time last week visiting with LAGERS members at the Missouri Municipal League legislative conference.  This event is a time for local government leaders from across the state to gather in our capital city to listen to and speak with other elected officials about the challenges and opportunities facing their local communities. I am always amazed and impressed by the dedication and passion that our members (and every local government leader) demonstrate year after year at these events.  And even though this was not my first time attending, I find I always come away with a deeper appreciation for the complexities and scale of the challenges that come with running a local government.

These incredible public servants work tirelessly not only to ensure that their local community provide for the needs of its residents, but to ensure that they are creating communities that people want to call home.  It seems simple enough, but sometimes, providing the best public services and infrastructure in the most efficient way on limited budgets is not always easy.  And sometimes not only do they have worry about competing policy interests at the local level, they have to find a balance with statewide policy interests as well.

As I sit and listen to our members speak about their successes and challenges, I marvel at the tireless commitment they demonstrate to making Missouri a better place to live, work, and retire.  At LAGERS, we too remain committed to helping our state and local leaders accomplish this critical task.  As a LAGERS employee, I truly appreciate the efforts of all public employees and am proud to be able to help serve our communities in some small way.  Together we can build a brighter future for all Missourians!

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