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Training for LAGERS' Human Resources Practitioners

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There is still time to attend a LAGERS' HResource meeting in 2020! With meetings already completed in Springfield and Jefferson City, LAGERS will visit St. Peters and Lee's Summit to round out these events. LAGERS will also be providing a live webinar if you are unable to attend one of these meetings in person.

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Announcing LAGERS' 2020 HR Resource Meetings


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The Goal is Better - Introducing the Administrator Blog

This blog was originally published on our LAGERS Bloggers blog in January of 2018, but we wanted to re-post it as the first post of our new blog all about employer reporting and administrative issues for LAGERS employer contacts.This blog discusses LAGERS future goals as they relate to our organization's strategic plan, so that you, as our administrator of the LAGERS benefits, know that you are a vital part of our overall effort to constantly raise the bar for our members. 

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