July Article Roundup

Dog Siesta On Beach ChairIt might be the lazy, dog days of summer, but there’s still a lot of retirement news out there for you to catch up on, now that you’re back from that beach vacation. Here are some notable articles for you from July.

Retirement misconceptions, from A to Social Security

“I had better not count on Social Security for anything because the system is going bankrupt” – Heard this one before? There are a few misconceptions out there in the retirement discussion, and this article does a good job trying to dissect and dispel them.

Read the article here.

Post-retirement plans should start before you retire

Want to turn a passion into a part- (or full-) time profession in retirement? This article helps you put that plan into place.

Read the article here.

Why you should be saving 15% (or more) of your income

Let’s face it – the cost of retirement, just like everything else, is going up. This article even claims that the average couple today could need up to $400,000 in retirement for healthcare alone! Read more about why you need to up your retirement savings goals here.

Read more here.

Your 401(k) match may have some strings attached

How much do you really know about your company 401k/match program? Make sure that you’re familiar with the details. This MarketWatch post points out some things to look out for.

Read more here.

Now you're all caught up. So get back out there and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. We'll keep you updated again next month.


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