Top 5 Employer Reporting Tips

For some of our employers, the employer reporting process may seem like a foreign art that is yet to be mastered. Others may just need a quick refresher. Here are some helpful tips that I have put together based on my short experience as an Account Analyst for LAGERS.Employer Reporting Tips

  1. Enrolling employees at time of hire

New employees should be enrolled on our online reporting system, ECLIPSE, right away. Some employees may qualify for a six month period where no contributions are due. If the employee exhausted this period with another LAGERS employer, wage reporting begins immediately. You may view when an employee is due for wage reporting in your Free Six Month Schedule on ECLIPSE.

  1. Reporting payouts and wages

Keep in mind that lump sum payouts are only reportable to LAGERS if they are recurring. Many employers report lump sum payouts (for example: unused vacation, sick or comp time) with the employee’s final paycheck. This is only reportable if a lump sum payout of the same type of leave has been paid in the past or if the balance is paid out in regular payrolls to extend the employee’s termination date. Remember to report gross wages when they are paid, not earned.

  1. Checking the Statement of Account

The Statement of Account should be referenced after the monthly wage statement has been completed and submitted. It reflects the monthly contribution due along with any credits and/or amounts due as a result of corrections or adjustments. By checking this prior to making your monthly payment, it ensures that you are sending in the correct contributions.

  1. Making contribution payments online

Your agency has the option to pay monthly contributions online. Paying online is very secure, quick and easy. The set-up process in ECLIPSE is simple; all we need is bank account information. After the wage statement is complete, you initiate the payment amount and date by the click of a button. If you prefer to pay by check, please include a copy of the PDF from the Statement of Account to ensure your payment is credited to the proper account.

  1. Communicating with your Accounts Analyst

If you have a question, feel free to contact your Account Analyst. We are your best resource regarding employer reporting and are always happy to help.

You got this, happy reporting!

Miranda Miranda Fishback, Accounts Analyst




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