Pre-Retirement Seminar Season is Here


That’s right! The Pre-Retirement Seminar season is upon us! In years past, we have usually started our Pre-Retirement Seminar season near mid-March. However, this year we started the seminars a bit earlier because we added more seminars to the schedule. In fact, our first regional seminar is this week in Chesterfield.

Who should attend a seminar? I would recommend that if you are within 5-6 years of retirement you should attend. I know you might be thinking that it is too far from when you plan to retire, but there will be another one for you to attend once you get closer. So, I suggest that you attend a seminar when you are about five years out and attend another one once you are within a year of walking out the door.

Also, if you are a person who is responsible for your employer’s benefits (Human Resources, Payroll, etc.), you are welcome to attend a seminar as well! These seminars are a great source of information to help you answer some of your employees’ questions.

Why should I attend a seminar? Seminars are packed with great educational information that will help you better understand your LAGERS benefit and allow you to make informed decisions about your options at retirement. Our full-day seminars also include a presentation about Social Security and Medicare. When you leave a LAGERS seminar, you should feel like you have a better grasp on your retirement plan.

When and where are the seminars? We are having 33 seminars across the State of Missouri in 2017. Some are full-day seminars and others are in the afternoon or evening. Click the calendar image below to find a seminar in your area and register for one!


This calendar is searchable. For example, if you would like to see what seminars are in the St. Louis area, type “St. Louis” into the search bar. It will compile all of the available seminars in that area.

These Pre-Retirement Seminars are the best available resource you have to get a better understanding of your LAGERS benefit.  However, if you are unable to attend a seminar, we have live webinars (also in the above calendar) every month that are a good resource as well. But, if you can attend a seminar before retirement, I strongly encourage you do so to ensure you make an educated decision and feel more comfortable about your retirement benefit.

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