November Article Roundup

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Here's what I've been reading this month:

  1. The retirement crisis is real in this country, but there are ways to salvage your situation if you find yourself short of your goal. You might need to lower your expectations a little bit.

Read “5 Ways to Salvage Retirement”

  1. “Millennials have the benefit of time on their side, so the earlier they consult with a professional and formulate a savings plan, the better they can prepare for retirement.”

One of our goals here at LAGERS is to make sure that younger people take a more active role in their retirement planning, sooner. This leads to more retirement security and less worries later on.  This quick read on a study from Koski Research talks about how millennial men and women view retirement planning differently.

Read “Retirement Outlook Far Different for Millennial Men and Women”

  1. Speaking generationally, have you even heard of Generation Z? If not you should get to know them, because in the next few years they will make up 20% of the workforce. These Post Millennials bring with them a whole new set of challenges and changes to shake up the workforce.

Read about what sets them apart in the article “Welcome, Generation Z”

  1. Now that the election is over, what can we expect from the new administration when it comes to your retirement? This article from Fox Business presents a possible outlook.

Read “What a Trump Administration Means for Your Retirement”

  1. The next read is an essay by one of NextAvenue’s “Influencers in Aging”. I highly recommend you read the whole series, but this particular post by the oldest-working park ranger is a short, poignant look at a life well lived.

Read “Looking Back, at Age 95”


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