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There has been quite a lot of hustle and bustle around the LAGERS office in preparation for the 49th LAGERS annual meeting. Every year it seems like I get several calls from people who have never attended the Annual Meeting with the same question, why should I attend the Annual Meeting?  There are many reasons to attend the Annual Meeting and here are just a few.

  • Well-Rounded Sessions. Over the past several years, our membership has expressed their desire for more educational sessions at the Annual Meeting. Your wish is our command. This year’s meeting will have a day of breakout sessions and a second day of system updates. Some of the topics will be more member focused including discussions about payment options and post-retirement issues. Additionally, there will be sessions that are designed for finance and human resources attendees. Finally, updates  about system changes, investments, and legislative changes will be provided.
  • Great Networking Opportunity. LAGERS members from every corner of the state attend the LAGERS Annual Meeting. This creates a great opportunity for you to meet and network with some of your local government colleagues. Use this time to get to know some of your fellow public servants and bounce ideas of one another.
  • Meet LAGERS Staff and Board. LAGERS Executive Staff and many others will be in attendance at the LAGERS Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet with the staff and ask them questions about your LAGERS benefits. This year, there will be a LAGERS benefit specialist available to ask questions about your specific benefit and generate a benefit estimate for you. Additionally, this is your opportunity to speak with the LAGERS Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is tasked with directing the LAGERS system for future generations. So, this is your opportunity to make suggestions and discuss the future direction of the LAGERS system.
  • Your voice, Your system. The primary reason your LAGERS system hosts an Annual Meeting is for Board of Trustee elections. This is your chance to have a significant impact on the future direction of your LAGERS system. Each LAGERS employer can send one employer delegate and one member delegate that can participate in the trustee elections. Many employers may not want to go through the hassle of nominating an employer delegate and electing a member delegate, but it is crucial that members and employers are given the opportunity to participate in the election. So, let your voice be heard and participate in the Board of Trustee elections!

These are a few of the top reasons why people enjoy attending the LAGERS Annual Meeting. This year, the meeting will be held in Springfield, Missouri at the University Plaza Hotel. Registration is open! Click here for more information!

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