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This marks LAGERS Bloggers 100th blog post which means we have been blogging for almost two years!  We sincerely appreciate every person who views our posts and we REALLY appreciate those who share our posts with others.

When we started LAGERS Bloggers our overall goal was to talk about LAGERS topics in an easy-to-understand, conservational way.  We strive to make the complicated simple, and I think we are doing that.  Ultimately, we want this blog to assist our members in earning a deeper understanding of their pension benefits. LAGERS Bloggers is an extension of our statutes, handbooks and website and is a truly great resource for retirement planning.

One blog post per week was, and still is, our goal and I am proud to say we have achieved that goal!  LAGERS Bloggers has received over 16,000 views since its humble beginnings and we hope to increase that number by continuing to produce engaging and educational content.

If you are new to our blog, thanks for giving us a chance!  Below is some suggested reading to get started.  These are our most popular blog posts.  Other people thought they were good, maybe you will too!

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Again, thanks for reading and let us know if there are topics that you would like to hear more about!


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