The Results are In! LAGERS Shares Communication Survey Results

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace4 11.45.06 AMLAGERS recently asked our members to participate in a Communications survey to help us ensure that we are providing the best information possible in the formats that our members wish to receive it. LAGERS appreciates the participants who took time to complete the survey; we read every comment and hope that the results will help us provide even better communication for our members in the future! Here are a few excerpts from the results and comments!





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Below are some of the comments we received on the survey and our responses:

For the past several years I have looked for a simple explanation of what that years COLA is. There is always some vague explanation and no number. I would like to have the number posted where it is easy to find and understand.

                -The reason LAGERS does not publish the COLA number is because COLAs are not given as a blanket increase. LAGERS retirees receive cost of living adjustments that are cumulative and based on their retirement date. Since your retirement date is unique, your increase may be different than someone who retired the year before. Calculating COLAs this way helps ensure that every LAGERS retiree maintains 100% purchasing power with their benefit. Each October, LAGERS does mail retirees a check stub that will indicate the specific amount of your adjustment, if any.


I have always had a positive experience with LAGERS the thirty four years I have been a member.


The more information available on the LAGERS' website, sent or e-mailed to employees is the best way of communication. Our employer does not offer assistance and lack up-to-date knowledge on this vital benefit.

-We understand that with over 670 different employers in our system, there will be varying degrees of communication between employers and their employees. LAGERS places a high priority on ensuring our website has the most current and relevant information possible. We have also been exploring ways to provide more direct communication with members, so that we are landing directly in your mailbox or inbox!


All is good - you all do a very good job with communicating with members. I enjoy the Webinars also.

-LAGERS webinars are a great way to get information from LAGERS, especially for those who are audio or visual learners! We hope to work in the next year to improve member and retiree awareness of these events!


My experiences with the LAGERS Staff when I have a question or need something, they have been outstanding and timely in providing me with information. Great and professional group of individuals - others could learn from you!


Would like to know how to set up an account with password(s). The latter to make any changes to my account such as changing to another bank or how much I am receiving and a letter supporting I do receive an annuity.

                myLAGERS is a great resource for members and retirees alike. You may set up an account by clicking myLAGERS link from our homepage,, and simply clicking the “Enroll Now” button. If you have any issues setting up or accessing your account, give our office a call, and we would be happy to assist you.


Thank you for making it possible for me to transition from a local government employee to a happy new retiree! I couldn't have done it without you!

-LAGERS believes that retirement security should be for everyone. We are happy to hear you are enjoying the security of your hard earned benefit!


The ECLIPSE portal is difficult to move through when reporting wages or searching for employees.

                -We appreciate the feedback and are always looking for ways to improve both the myLAGERS and ECLIPSE system so that they are as easy as possible for our members and employers to use. One of the greatest challenges we faced when designing these systems was how vastly different the reporting needs of a Special Road District with 1 employee are to those of a County with 800 employees. While there may never be a ‘perfect’ system for all our employers, we did share the comments about ECLISPE and myLAGERS with the management team and will be looking for ways to improve this service in the future.


The newsletter does not go in-depth enough sometimes. Web site and staff members are great help!!

                -We are pleased that you find our staff and website as great resources! We are also currently exploring options for expanding our newsletters so that we can provide more information to our members through this channel. Retirees can expect to see their newsletters, which have been mailed twice per year to become a quarterly publication. We are still currently discussing changes to the frequency and/or depth of our member’s newsletter as well.


Apparently LAGERS believes that all its members are tied into social media. Not everyone wishes to conduct their business on social media!

                -Although a large portion of LAGERS’ members and retirees are engaged social media users, LAGERS certainly understands that not everyone uses these channels. LAGERS has not eliminated any of our traditional communication formats, but is always looking for ways to provide the best information in the formats our members and retirees wish to receive them in. One new resource you may find interesting is our weekly blog, no social media account required! Visit and learn a lot of great information about your LAGERS benefit.


I think all important information should be mailed and not e-mailed. Sorry I am old.

-No apologies necessary! We understand everyone has different communication preferences. In fact, LAGERS default communication preference is paper. We have simply added the option for those who wish to receive electronic communication to do so.



-Thank you, we think so too!


The staff has taken great care of my retirement LAGERS needs. I never thought about LAGERS as a post-retirement resource before.

-LAGERS has recently ramped up our effort to connect with our retirees! Have you heard about our new Retiree Link Meetings? These retiree-focused events are free and provide an opportunity for retirees to meet with LAGERS staff, hear updates about your system, and enjoy other education programing related to your retirement. Plus, breakfast on us!


If you would like the complete results of this survey sent to you, please contact the LAGERS office.


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