LAGERS is 2015 Plan Sponsor of the Year, Public Defined Benefit Category


How we do our jobs speaks volumes. Members of LAGERS go to work every day, labor behind the scenes, making a better community for the local governments where they live. That same work ethic is matched by the LAGERS board and staff to provide a secure retirement to the membership in their retirement years. We strive to provide the very best in retirement benefits administration, so you the membership are not distracted from your daily task worrying about the future. LAGERS has it covered.

LAGERS was recently chosen for the 2015 Plan Sponsor of the Year award because of strong one-, three- and five-year investment returns of 19.0%, 12.2% and 15.0% respectively, innovative participant services, strong plan design features, leadership in public policy, and an overall focus on the membership. This award covers the full spectrum of benefits administration, from delivering benefit checks on time to having a user friendly web site. Every team member must be focused on their specific task which ultimately leads to a secure retirement for LAGERS members.

The LAGERS Board of Trustees is a group of dedicated individuals that provide vision and direction in the governance of the system. This group provides focus to the tasks that are important to provide retirement security to the membership. Without their efforts, none of this work would be possible. This direction permits the staff to perform their jobs at a high level. The LAGERS staff is truly dedicated to ensuring we are getting it right for our members. This effort is confirmed when career employees retire and receive monthly benefits that promote a secure financial future.

The Plan Sponsor of the Year Award is further evidence to the local government employees in Missouri that the LAGERS system is getting it right. Just as I was quoted in the PLANSPONSOR article, the key to plan success is simply being focused on the members.  In anything and everything you do, stay focused on the members and you will always get the right results.


Keith Hughes, Executive Secretary Keith Hughes, Executive Secretary


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